Atlas addresses Armored Docks and other balance issues in its latest Q&A session


Armored docks inĀ Atlas: Are they a good thing or a bad thing? The latest Q&A acknowledges that the answer is kind of both, and while they produce some interesting elements of play they’re also not where the team wants at the moment. However, as the game’s economy is shifting and the gold costs and gold sinks are being adjusted, the team is reluctant to make too many changes to the feature until they see how the meta shakes out following further large-scale adjustments.

The Q&A also acknowledges issues with the balance of ship-to-ship combat at the moment, with plans for more defensive modules especially as the next update focuses more on expanding the ship crafting system. This also includes making more mid-tier ship sizes available for players. Check out the full Q&A for more balance and system answers, although keep in mind that private servers need not necessarily wipe and adjust to all of these new shifts.

Source: Steam
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