Book of Travels previews its explorer-oriented spell reagent system


If you thought Book of Travels would retreat with its tail between its legs after admitting last week that it would be delaying its early access launch for the second time, you were very much mistaken. Might and Delight has a new dev blog up homing in on regents – yes, regs, reags, reggies, whatever you wanna call ’em. They’re the resources you’ll need to actually cast spells in the game, and they won’t always be easy to find; you’ll have to go exploring in creative places in both the wilds and the villages to suss them out, especially the rarest versions.

“Reagents manifest as a complex expression of many things: the natural landscape, the relationship between the land and its various inhabitants, and the history of both of those things,” M&D says.

“With the correct combination of Reagents, players will be able to use skills and make knots spells and magic teas (such as the Brew of Hidden Cries). Reagents can manifest as many things – beautiful, ordinary, natural or manufactured, and their properties are studied by scholars and Mystics across the land. As a newcomer to Braided Shore you too will become a student of Reagents as you get to know the many aspects of Reagent lore and usage. […] The most obvious way to detect the whereabouts of Reagents is by paying attention to the world around you. Just as with items, you’ll find them in hidden places, and thoughtful exploration will pay off – light, colour or movement might signal that something potent is close by. But as you familiarise yourself with the world you’ll also learn its logic and figure out where you’ll have the most chance of searching out more common Reagents such as Dandelion or Garden Balsam. Folk you meet and conversations you overhear may also reveal tips and pointers to an all-important, spell-completing Reagent.”

Source: Kickstarter

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