PlanetSide 2 celebrates 18 years on PC with double XP, a returning weapon, and store items on May 20


It’s time to mark another anniversary as PlanetSide 2 will celebrate 18 years of the original multiplayer shooter’s release with a new update that features some in-game goodies. Top of the list is a double XP event that will run between May 20th and May 23rd, while the original NS Scorpion rocket launcher will also make its return at a cost of 1,000 Certs or 799 Daybreak Cash (DBC).

Speaking of the cash shop, the Depot will also feature some goodies to mark the anniversary like a gold-trimmed NS-66 Punisher and Thumper, a bundle with some throwback Rexo armors, and a throwback version of the PS-1AV Suppressor. The update has also added a few miscellanous fixes that went live today, though the anniversary stuff will only be accessible on the 20th.


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Wilhelm Arcturus

Are they counting every year twice or does it just feel that way?

I guess the original PlanetSide launched 18 years ago. We get the PS2 nine year anniv next month.

Kickstarter Donor

Franchise anniversary, which is a bit confusing but it’s a bigger and more exciting number.