Revelation Online is getting a new area, new dungeon, and more this summer in the Demonic War update


It’s not a candy war. It’s not a pillow war. It’s not a man o’ war. It’s a Demonic War, and it’s arriving to Revelation Online this coming summer, but first it’s getting a preview now. Yes, new content is coming to this MMO soon. Will wonders never cease.

What new content, you might ask? There’s a City of the Demon Gods location where 10 allies can band together to fight demonic generals; there’s an Elements of Life dungeon for solo or five-person groups who are level 69 (nice) and higher that promises several floors of elemental threats to tackle; there’s improvements and additional characteristics to the Soul Grid on the way; and there will be wardrobe functions and new cosmetic collections that include new apparel, accessories, mounts, and wings.

More details will be arriving in the coming weeks, but at least players of Revelation Online know that more stuff is coming.


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Not a good first experience with this game at all. Tried downloading from Steam and it didn’t launch. Tried the “fix” they make you download from their support site (instead of fixing it on Steam) and it still didn’t launch.

Downloaded through the website directly and it launched to a system message that still says Welcome to Beta. Four years after the game launched. They didn’t even bother to subtitle the intro cinematic, so I have no idea what’s going on when I get into the actual game. I run through a couple cutscenes which sometimes has subtitles that fade before you can finish reading them.

I level an unknown number of times because of constant cutscenes, and then get thrown into this bog with a gift icon in the top-right. I open it and get a ridiculous looking cosmetic armor set right out of the gate. I exited the game and uninstalled.


What they need to do is remove pay to win. That’s what killed this game . It was otherwise a pretty good MMORPG . But they’ll never learn.

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It’s not a man o’ war.

But…can it be? I want it to be!