Black Desert PC issues apologies and recompense for recent Node War issues, offers gifts to new and returning players on console


If you were among the PC players of Black Desert who experienced some problems with Node War and Conquest War this past weekend, Pearl Abyss has been paying attention and is offering its apologies as well as some rewards for those who were affected.

According to the post, the problems were caused by a bug that caused the game to reload in certain situations during Node and Conquest War. As of this past Tuesday’s maintenance, the issue has been resolved, while guilds that constructed a fort before Saturday’s Conquest War cancellation will receive two billion Silver, and guilds that did not have their forts and annexes removed for the Node War on Sunday due to the issues will receive Resplendent Medals of Honor.

In further update news, this week’s patch has kicked off an XP-boosting Hot Time event between now and May 26th, has made a wide variety of Sage adjustments, and introduced the ability to repair horse gear at the Camping Anvil among other things.

On the subject of events, PC players are once more being reminded that accounts not transferred from Kakao to Pearl Abyss will be deleted and is even handing out freebies for completing the transfer processo. Meanwhile, new and returning Black Desert players on console are being invited to rake in some free login goodies, with different items being offered depending on what column players fall in to.

sources: Black Desert PC site (1, 2, 3), Black Desert console site
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