Blizzard is about to stream some Overwatch 2 PvP gameplay and a Q&A


MMO players are understandably concerned about the state of World of Warcraft after Blizzard’s disastrous player losses over the last few years, but Overwatch is in far more trouble. You might not like WoW’s updates, but it’s making bank – and the same can’t be said for Overwatch. (If it could be said, Blizzard would be saying it, and it’s not.) We’ve been watching the game for five years, but the last couple haven’t gone great, largely because the live shooter has been very obviously backburnered while Blizzard builds Overwatch 2, which is kind of a sequel and kind of an upgrade to the original. While Blizzard has added new players during the pandemic thanks to free-play events, it’s not clear whether those players are sticking around during the dry spell, and the abrupt departure of Jeff Kaplan pretty much freaked everyone out. In spite of the previews given at BlizzConline, it’s obvious OW2 is still a long way off.

So what is Blizzard up to in the meantime? More previews and Q&As, apparently. As promised, today the new Overwatch team and OWL leadership will be running a dev PvP livestream that’ll presumably offer another new look into the state of the developing game as well as answer questions posed ahead of time by the players. There’s an AMA coming up on the 24th too. But in the meantime, you can watch the PvP stream right here at 3 p.m. EDT.

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IronSalamander8 .

I did like OW at first but having a full priced game (at the time, this is back at launch and for a time after), with all those loot boxes and the community that got worse and worse, along with Actibliz being so horrible, I’ve left this one for a long time. It launched a few months after PVZ:GW2 and while GW2 is certainly not perfect (and EA runs the show, so it can’t be), it’s been a more fun time with a nice mix of PvE and PvP, and there’s also GW1, BfN, and TF2 instead.

Danny Smith

This screams once again they are going to try and treat it as an esport. And we all know how well that did for Overwatch 1 when it was a big success as a casual party game right? not like they didn’t lose over 12 million players over the last couple of years which was probably the entire shadowlands userbase many times over and had to come from other blizzard products that came out in recent years too right?

Oh. Oh wait.

Kickstarter Donor

Things I love about Overwatch:

The characters, the movies, the lore, the fanfic, the art, the world building, the porn, Widowmaker & Mercy (for reasons…. Don’t judge me).

Things I hate / don’t love about Overwatch:

The gameplay and PvP.

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Schlag Sweetleaf


malibu tracery.jpg

The Overwatch cinematics are nice. It’s too bad that apparently none of that story and worldbuilding seems to exist in the actual game.

D’va and Overwatch 2 cinematics = epic super hero short films.
Actual gameplay = getting screeched at by overpriveledged twelve year olds (or adults who act like they’re twelve) because you’re not playing Mercy. Or because you are playing Mercy, but you aren’t doing it the way they want you to.

Axetwin .

I thought Overwatch 2 was going to have an emphasis on PvE?


Am I the only one who thinks “Why do we need Overwatch 2?”
Which changes could not have been done in O1 ? Why divide the player base ? O1 is expensive enough as it is, and you want me to buy another one.

Dankey Kang

I believe that is what pretty much everyone is thinking.

It’s obviously just another cashgrab from one of the most morally bankrupt companies in the business.

Kickstarter Donor

Some decent looking changes to speed up gameplay and make maps a bit more interesting with more cover. I just want to know more about the PvE addition, that’s all I potentially really care about.


How long do I have to watch before they show something that suggests this expansion masquerading as a “sequel” is worth the cost? This is Overwatch 1. Even the map is from Overwatch 1. They didn’t even choose a new map for their preview.

Dug From The Earth

It looks just like Overwatch 1…. oh wait :P