Final Fantasy XIV previews patch 5.55’s additions, players hold a vigil for Kentaro Miura


The upcoming patch 5.55 for Final Fantasy XIV is a smaller patch, but it does wrap up the main scenario quests ahead of Endwalker and gives players a new region to explore in the form of Zadnor. But there’s more even than that; players will also have new emotes and gear to unlock, the new Fender Stratocaster crossover instrument to access as a Perform tool, and access to the YoRHa series in New Game +. The official preview site contains hints about all of this ahead of the patch’s release next Tuesday, May 25th.

Meanwhile, players reacted to the unexpected passing of the Berserk manga author Kentaro Miura of a burst aorta at age 54. A huge number of players on multiple servers formed a chain of Dark Knights (the job having been acknowledged to have been visually influenced by Berserk’s style) in a vigil for the man and to honor his work.

Source: Official Site, Twitter; thanks to Maulgrim for the tip!
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