Final Fantasy XIV previews patch 5.55’s additions, players hold a vigil for Kentaro Miura


The upcoming patch 5.55 for Final Fantasy XIV is a smaller patch, but it does wrap up the main scenario quests ahead of Endwalker and gives players a new region to explore in the form of Zadnor. But there’s more even than that; players will also have new emotes and gear to unlock, the new Fender Stratocaster crossover instrument to access as a Perform tool, and access to the YoRHa series in New Game +. The official preview site contains hints about all of this ahead of the patch’s release next Tuesday, May 25th.

Meanwhile, players reacted to the unexpected passing of the Berserk manga author Kentaro Miura of a burst aorta at age 54. A huge number of players on multiple servers formed a chain of Dark Knights (the job having been acknowledged to have been visually influenced by Berserk’s style) in a vigil for the man and to honor his work.

Source: Official Site, Twitter; thanks to Maulgrim for the tip!

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Bruno Brito

Thing about Berserk is that Miura isn’t the most known author, but anyone who likes Naruto, or OPM, or fantasy, the Souls series or shit like that, they all are basically taken from Berserk.

“You may not know, but your favourite artist surely does.”

Miura’s death is tragic, and sheds light again on the terrible conditions that artists have to work. Japan has really weak work laws, and the mangaka work is really, REALLY demanding. There’s a reason why Oda takes so many breaks, and so did Miura. On the same day that Miura got his farewells around the world, Mappa had announced two new animes to be produced while a letter of their workers was already circulating that said they were “like a factory”.

Miura was young. No one should work themselves to an early end. I hope he finally finds the rest he needed, and i hope people use his example and his story as inspiration to make even better stories and examples and also, towards companies and unions that protect artists instead of squeezing them.

Danny Smith

Its been very odd to see the people have no idea about Berserk. Like forget Star Wars berserk is probably the most influential thing in Dark Fantasy in our lifetime. Like off the top of my head without Berserk theres no:
-Dark Souls, you 100% would never have seen fromsoft make anything but echo night and armoured core without it
-Final Fantasy 7
-Attack on Titan
-Avengers Endgame, yes really
-Monster Hunter
-Devil May Cry
-Ocarina of Time
-Some of the enemy designs Weta made for their Lord of the Rings movie trilogy
-More Anime than i can count
Along with being some of the best art you have ever seen in a manga the character development is excellent, especially in fantasy where characters are mostly set in stone for the duration if not on the heroes journey. The last chapter doesn’t resolve the big villain but its a hopeful end and even being the most bleak, grimdark fantasy of its type Berserk is ultimately a story about finding hope in the darkest of places. So considering the Dark Knight is based on Guts, in 14 even using his poses in the animations, i’ve got my character and campfire out there with the rest. 54 was too young to go and the industry of manga and comics has lost another Jack Kirby or Osamu Tezuka.

We wouldn’t have the majority of fantasy games we have today without him so at least his legacy is assured.

Malcolm Swoboda

Why is it very odd? There’s plenty of people who have no idea about anime, or animation in general. Or visual entertainment.


Agreement with Malcom. Why is it odd? Not everyone follows everything, no matter how “foundational” it is. An example would be Disney’s attempt to make the movie “Jack Carter.” While there was a LOT of things wrong with the movie, “ripping off Superman” wasn’t one of them… because the stories the movie was based on predate Superman by decades. It’s just that barely anyone knows that, and Superman is the incarnation of that trope that most people have seen.

The same thing happens for nearly everything. I’ve seen complaints that the Lord of the Rings movies were “generic and formulaic,” made by people who don’t realize that it’s because Tolkein largely *invented* the formula.

Personally? I’ve never read Berserk, nor watched whatever anime exists of it. I’m aware of it, but only because it tends to pop up on things like “Top ten betrayals in fiction” or “Top ten endings where the good guys get screwed beyond belief.”