The Elder Scrolls Online teases a possible new tabletop game developed with Chip Theory Games


It would appear that The Elder Scrolls Online is keen to get all over gaming tabletops everywhere. Hot off the heels of the game’s characters landing in the Call to Arms minis war game, there’s now been a teaser from board game and TTRPG creator Chip Theory Games of what looks like a new game based on the ESO IP.

All we’re getting right now is the tweeted image and a teaser website, both of which promise that more details about this new game will be announced sometime in 2022. In the meantime, those who are interested in knowing more can sign up for a newsletter to be notified when the announcement is made.

Chip Theory Games, for the record, is a tabletop games publisher that has put out several games such as Cloudspire, Too Many Bones, and Hoplomachus. Its board games feature a variety of playstyles like PvE, PvP, or solo play, often merging multiple styles into a single game. It will certainly be interesting what comes of this, but then we’ve got a while to wait until we learn more.


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