Diablo IV internal test build pops up on PlayStation store


After getting a few juicy reveals about Diablo IV from this past February’s BlizzConline, fans of the action RPG franchise have been champing at the bit to get their hands on this upcoming title. We’ve assumed that public testing (not to mention release) was a long way off — but perhaps it’s not as far away as once thought?

Wowhead is reporting that a test build for Diablo IV has appeared on the PlayStation store, but it’s not for the public (at least, not for now). The title was hidden behind the code-name Obleron, which indicates that this is currently an internal test build, possibly in preparation for future alpha testing.

Diablo IV is being developed for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, although this is the first indication that Blizzard is working on a version for the PlayStation 5. The studio previously announced that the title will offer crossplay between platforms if at all possible.

Source: Wowhead

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Bryan Correll


That immediately made me think ‘Toblerone.” So now I want one.

Vanquesse V

The time between closed beta and release was 5 months for starcraft 2.
For Diablo 3 there was 9½ months between the launch of friends and family testing and launch. 1 Month before launch, a stress test weekend ran for D3

Jaymes Buckman

They’re bringing the PlayStation Eye Toy back?

Dankey Kang

we can only hope