Skyforge is launching Hunters of Terra for multiple platforms on June 2

Hunty hunt hunt.

If you’re playing Skyforge on the Nintendo Switch, you have a good reason to peer out at PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players with a single tear running down your cheek as all of those platforms (along with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S) get access to the game’s 19th class on June 2nd. The Hunters of Terra update is launching for all these platforms on that day, and it brings with it the mortar-wielding Bounty Hunter to traipse around blowing things up and getting out of danger with anti-gravity gadgets.

Of course, there are things for even non-Bounty Hunters to do with the update, as players will also gain access to a new three-player Squad Adventure in the Terran Rift. There’s also a new dungeon, the Ancient Trails, bringing players into the deepest regions of Terra. It’s a little less than two weeks away, so you’ve got time to prepare now… unless, of course, you’re on the Switch and have to wait for everyone else to get it first. Time can be so cruel.


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