Star Citizen outlines the free flyable ship schedule for Invictus Launch Week, debuts the RSI Scorpius

So, if you still think is happening...

It’s Invictus Launch Week in Star Citizen, and since the event is ostensibly about the UEE Navy flexing its military might, it’s also more directly about ships: ships to ogle over, ships to fly, and ships to see coming in the near future.

As with other free fly events in the game, this year’s Invictus event will feature a number of different manufacturer showcases, each one offering different vehicles players can rent for free for a short amount of time. The featured manufacturers swap out every two days, while the final days of the event will allow players to try out every single vehicle showcased between May 29th and June 1st. For those who are arriving to this kind of event for the first time, there’s a helpful FAQ to explain how it works.

In other Star Citizen spaceship news, this week’s episode of Inside Star Citizen introduces players to the RSI Scorpius, a two-seater escort fighter with a pilot’s seat and a remote turret control seat. The turret in question actually moves along a rail system, allowing the turret to move from the top of its fuselage to a section at the rear to help get a bead on targets, while the pilot has access to four wingtip weapons and two missile racks, all of which face forward. The ship is currently in a concept phase but is being debuted at Invictus Launch Week.

As for the rest of the Inside Star Citizen video, it features another sprint report that focuses on final art for one of the new hospitals, improved canyon development, some potted plants for outposts — some of which can be harvested by players — along with outpost greyboxing, and some pretty night lighting on Orison.

sources: press release, official site, YouTube
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