Torchlight III’s spring update drops next week with a new class that summons ghost pirates

Magic Legends and Champions Online aren’t the only PWE titles getting love this month: Torchlight III is destined for its spring update next week too. The highlight of the update is, as Echtra previously teased, the Cursed Captain, which is essentially the game’s first full summoner class. Yes, you’re literally summoning ghostly crewmates.

“Anchored in a state between life and death, the Cursed Captain remains true to its adventurous spirit. As an experienced captain of the seas, this corporeal spectre can summon a ghostly crew of swashbucklers, and use the tools of the piracy trade to tackle combatants. The Cursed Captain utilizes their own unique resource, Doubloons, which are collected mid-combat from monsters and treasures. In addition to the Cursed Captain’s new class-specific weapon (the cannon), its attire also includes a new class-specific armor type – capes.”

The update is also expected to roll out a ton of new pets (more than 40), pet UI tweaks, quality-of-life touches, and instance resetting. There’s a new video down below.

Source: Twitter

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Sounds good and looks good then you play it and it’s meh

Dug From The Earth

This is one of those “why dont I like it more?” type of games. Its solid, its visually not vomitous, and they keep adding to it. However, when you play it, its just kinda like, “meh”, and you dont have any motivation or incentive to go back to playing it.

You dont want bad things to stand out, and they dont in this game… but then, there arent any good things that stand out either.

IronSalamander8 .

Between this and that Railroad character, I really like the unusual class ideas for this game…and then I see the 40-50% approval rating on steam and read the actual reviews that mention bugs, bugs, and more bugs, and have to give it a pass.