Working As Intended: Touring my new SWG Legends houses (and looking at Bespin deco!)


If you’re a fan of MMORPG housing, Star Wars, Star Wars Galaxies specifically, or just chatter about MMOs, then this very self-indulgent Working As Intended video is for you. By popular demand (OK, it was like five people and I was going to do it anyway), I’ve put together an updated video that tours my houses in SWG Legends.

Legends, of course, just saw the release of its Bespin expansion, which brought with it all kinds of new content, including houses and craftables and decorative objects. Since the launch, I’ve abandoned my old houses and started anew, so if you saw last summer’s video, well, that house is now gone. In its place, I’ve erected a new shop in a Commando Bunker a new workshop in a private Diner. The video not only explains my reasoning for the switch but also shows off my deco job and Storyteller props – and you bet I’ll be demoing a few of my favorite bits of Bespin deco. Enjoy!

The MMORPG genre might be “working as intended,” but it can be so much more. Join Massively Overpowered Editor-in-Chief Bree Royce in her Working As Intended column for editorials about and meanderings through MMO design, ancient history, and wishful thinking. Armchair not included.
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