LOTRO gets a new producer, finally allows Anor transfers


Hey, you know what kind of slipped under the radar Lord of the Rings Online this week — at least unless you were reading the forums? The MMO just got a new producer, who moved over from working on mobile games at a different studio.

Oleg “Raninia” Brodskiy posted an introduction while clarifying that he’s not replacing Rob Ciccolini as executive producer: “I firmly believe that MMOs in general, and LOTRO in particular, have a lot of awesome opportunities that’ll keep players engaged for decades to come. Now, it’s my privilege to help make that happen.”

In other news, the announcement that LOTRO is shutting down its Ithil progression server certainly has stirred the pot over in Middle-earth. While SSG scrambles to answer a lot of additional questions regarding this move, the studio also bent to player pressure to finally allow paid character transfers off of the other progression server, Anor.

“We are happy to announce that world character and shared item transfers are now available from Anor to any of the non-Legendary game worlds,” SSG posted. “Please note that once characters or shared items are transferred from Anor it is NOT possible to transfer those characters or shared items back to Anor. Additionally, players can transfer from Anor to either the U.S. or European game worlds without issue.”

In other follow-up news to the Ithil closure:

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I like his communication style thus far as a producer. Welcome! As one can see by some of the comments, LOTRO has a portion of its population that can be rather sensitive (I guess that not unusual with games). Overall, they see a great team that loves their jobs. There are a lot of people there that have been around for years, that’s a good sign.

2Ton Gamer

Too bad Cordovan and Sev aren’t being replaced. Cord is the shittiest community manager and Sev is just incompetent.


I’m a simple man – I read “mobile” and break out in cold sweat.


Sad to say that was my reaction too.

Bruno Brito

While i’m enjoying LoTRO…

Day XX of reminding that Cordovan is still an employee and a douchebag.

On a serious note, the new producer being from mobile background worries me a bit but i hope he can do a good job. I can’t speak much about Rob because i’m a really fledgling at LoTRO matters but the last 2 producer letters or so, he seemed extremely detached from the playerbase and the state of the game.

So, kinda standard.