Neverwinter brings back the mechanized crafting of the Wonders of Gond event on May 27


If (for whatever reason) you have global chat on in Neverwinter and you start seeing players shouting for grommets, gears, and doohickeys, it’s not because people have forgotten more specific terms, it’s because the Wonders of Gond event is underway. Unless, of course, you are seeing those terms outside of the event, in which case those players have indeed had a lapse in vocabulary memory.

For those unfamiliar, the Wonders of Grond event tasks players with finding Wondrous Grommets, Wondrous Cogs, Wondrous Sprockets, Wondrous Gadgets, and Clockwork Gadgets from slaying enemies, then using the game’s refinement system to combine them into Doohickeys or Wondrous Doohickeys. The harder the monsters slain, the more likely rare materials will drop.

Once players have the right tier of doohickey, they can be turned to get a Creations of Wonder pack that contains a chance at various rewards like mechanical mounts, cosmetics, pets, or refinement materials. The event runs between Thursday, May 27th, and Thursday, June 3rd, so prepare to get those gizmos.


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