Diablo-like MMO Cronous is closing down this summer


It seems kind of sad that the very first time we mention an MMO on this site is to tell you that it’s shutting down, but such is the case for Cronous. Current owner Neowiz announced that it’s winding down operation of the Diablo-style MMO by the end of the summer.

“We regret to tell our fans that we will be concluding the service for global Cronous,” the studio posted. “We’ve decided to end the service for global Cronous on August 20th. We deeply apologize to all players who enjoyed the game.”

The studio thanked its fans and said that it’s already disabled the ability to buy premium currency for the game through the website. It also announced that until the August 20th shutdown, the game’s going to grant increased XP, better dungeon drop rates, and offer cheaper and better cash shop items. Neowiz said it will not be refunding payments made on the game.

Cronous was developed by Lizard Interactive and came out in 2008 under Aeria Games’ banner. It billed itself as a “traditional” MMORPG with a free-to-play model.

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