Elder Scrolls Online just delayed its ‘Console Enhanced’ update to June 15


Elder Scrolls Online is about to have a big June: It’s launching Blackwood for PC in just a week, then a week later, it was set to roll out the chapter for console alongside the big “Console Enhanced” update too. But apparently, ZeniMax has decided to spread everything out just a bit more.

“In an abundance of caution, we are moving the ESO: Console Enhanced launch out a week,” the team wrote on Twitter this morning. “We are doing this so we are not launching Update 30 (Blackwood) at the same time as Console Enhanced and can give both our undivided attention. The new date for ESO: Console Enhanced on Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 is now Tuesday, June 15. Blackwood and Update 30 will launch as planned on PC/Mac/Stadia on June 1 and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 systems (and backwards compatibility mode on current-gen consoles) on June 8.”

ESO’s Console Enhanced is expected to boost the game’s performance and visuals significantly on consoles, with 60 FPS in performance mode or native 4K 30FPS in fidelity mode. ZeniMax also promises improved draw distance and loading times (“nearly cut in half on average, enabling console players to remain immersed in ESO’s stunning world with less waiting”) as well as improvements for reflections, shadows, depth of field, ambient occlusion with screen space global illumination, antialiasing, and textures.

Source: Twitter

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