Moonlight Sculptor’s developers discuss the mobile MMORPG’s background and feature set


With the game’s global launch arriving tomorrow, Kakao Games and XL Games’ mobile MMORPG Moonlight Sculptor probably has a few people wondering just what it’s about, where it came from, and what makes it different. These are questions the devs at XL Games tried to tackle in an interview video.

As we mentioned when this one first arrived on our radar, Moonlight Sculptor is based on the Korean light novel The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, though knowledge of the original source material is promised not to be important or necessary, as the devs tried to keep to the core of the Royal Road virtual game from the fiction and weave in a few story beats. As for the game’s cutesy appearance, Sculptor promises to offer plenty for hardcore MMORPG players to do, particularly in the PvP field. That said, there are more casual life-skilling elements like fishing, cooking, housing, and collecting.

The interview then went on to talk about the Sculptor class, which is effectively granted when players don’t select a base class. As a Sculptor, players use summoned sculptures and a paintbrush in battle, while certain sculptures can be crafted with specific items and placed in the player’s homestead for passive buffs. Furthermore, if sculptures are placed on a board in certain arrangements, they can provide set bonuses.

There’s talk about other features in Sculptor as well, such as the game’s offline auto-leveling Sleep Mode, the variety of cosmetics players can equip whether it’s standard equipment or specific costumes, an in-game guide that helps players follow a progression path, and a few brief details about the randomly generated Chaotic Entrance dungeon and various hidden quests. There’s no gameplay footage save for one very blurry shot of someone playing on a phone, but the video below may provide a bit of context and information.

source: YouTube
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