Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida talks about future destinations, Endwalker job design, and character dating

Laser needles.

It was the first new job revealed for Final Fantasy XIV’s upcoming expansion Endwalker, but it turns out that Sage was actually the second job designed for the expansion and took longer to be formulated. A recent interview with producer and director Naoki Yoshida from IGN reveals that the job design usually starts from the weapon being used and goes forward from there. The scythe of Reaper had long been requested and thus took only about three months from initial proposals to a fleshed-out design, but Sage went through several iterations and took around half a year, with Alchemist (wielding a medical bag) being an early concept for the new healer.

We were really having to rack our brains on the Sage idea. Of course there were ideas about, like, ‘Oh, bring over Alchemist,’ and things like that and when we thought about, ‘Okay, so what if we used Alchemist? What kind of weapon would they wield?’

Of course, in the wake of the game’s digital fan festival, Yoshida has been on the interview circuit across the board. He reassured an interviewer from PC Gamer that there are plenty of additional places for the game to go following the conclusion of Endwalker, ranging from other places across the world players will still not have explored to moving into the past or future of the game world. Meanwhile, an interview from Fanbyte asked about dating the game’s various NPCs, and Yoshida reveals that it’s something the team had actually considered but ultimately declined to do because it wound up overlapping with stories to be told about these individuals. Check out all three interviews for more tidbits about development, delays, and design.

Source: IGN, PC Gamer, Fanbyte

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Ben Stone

Alchemist would have been more interesting to be honest.


I’d love to see FFXIV add a “nature magic” style job. There are so many different jobs, but that archetype seems to be missing. I always gravitate to those types of classes – the Druids, the Shamans, that type of thing.


Isn’t that a white mage? Certainly not as heavy as you’re suggesting, but they seems super nature focused.


It starts that way – you’re working with the elements, as it were, to cast things like Aero and Stone. Around level 72 or so it moves fully into White Magic territory though. Aero becomes Dia, Stone becomes Glare, etc.

The tricky part about something like a Shaman (which I’d love to have, thematically it’s one of my favorite archetypes when it shows up) is that the stuff it deals in – elements like water, earth, lightning, fire, etc – are covered by two different jobs already, and one of them keeps those elements around (Thaumaturge/Black Mage). At least in one version of the Shaman.

One that works with animal-like spirits or animal-like essences, though? After seeing Reaper in action a bit, it could actually work.

Kickstarter Donor

It’s pretty criminal how few MMOs have a proper shape-shifting/druid style class. If XIV developed one it would be an instant main switch for me.


I would certainly consider it a switch, depending on the visuals of the shapes you shift into.

Which is a mechanic I’d have thought would just not happen in XIV…and then Reaper, where you actually transform into something other than your usual appearance. Granted the current version is into another version of a human avatar, but it’s still a “change appearance” as part of a job in the game, which at least opens the door for a Druid style shape shifter as an actual possibility.

It’s a very, very slim one, I’d think…but not an impossible one like I’d have thought before.


100%. Druid is my favorite class in WoW, been playing it for 15 years. I have yet to find any other game, MMO or otherwise, that delivers a similar shape-shifting/animal/nature fantasy.