Wolcen adds new areas and monsters, loot filter improvements, and quality-of-life changes in latest update


Our Not So Massively columnist found the latest additions to Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem to be absolutely worth coming back to the game for, and developer Wolcen Studio is likely hoping to keep its foot on that gas pedal with the second part of the Bloodtrail update.

This new patch introduces some new environments and new monsters to wade through, applies a variety of bug fixes, and makes improvements to animations, quality-of-life, and the loot filter. On those subjects, the loot filter now has a new UI to be more user-friendly; items with Sarisel Affixes or Tributary Affixes will now each have specific markers, both on the ground and in player inventories; legendary and unique items are now marked on the minimap; and making the latest difficulty level chosen in the Expeditions window the default option. The patch notes offer all of the specifics.

source: Steam, thanks to Smitedoctor for the tip!

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Dug From The Earth

I wanted very badly to like this game more. It was mediocre at best… enough entertainment to play through the games meager 3 acts of storyline (feels like there were supposed to be 4 or 5, because the story is suddenly cut short). There is no reason to continue playing after that, and the different class options arent so innovative or interesting that there is this desire to play again as an alt.

And when you have games like Last Epoch, which somehow feel like more of a complete game with so much more depth and value, still in early access, you have to wonder how Wolcen ever was officially released.


Yeah I got to the end of the game and it felt like the teacher came into the script writing room and yelled “PENCILS DOWN!”. The writers weren’t done, but they just shrugged, grab their things and went home. Then they shipped it.


I agree, hoping they can turn it around eventually.