Conan Exiles releases a performance and stability patch on PC ahead of tomorrow’s Isle of Siptah full launch


While the Isle of Siptah awaits players of Conan Exiles as it climbs out of early access tomorrow, today sees PC players of the survival sandbox get a new update that plans to lay the groundwork for the expansion with some performance and stability adjustments.

The update includes a pass for the entire Isle to improve visuals (particularly in the newer areas), some performance fixes, and updates to thralls and AI. There are also a couple of other fixes sprinkled throughout the update for things like stopping arrows from passing through knocked-down enemies, moving the volume slider to zero actually muting sounds, and some anti-undermesh improvements. Overall, this isn’t the most interesting patch, but it is a necessary one.

We’ve been following the Isle of Siptah’s arrival for a long time now, when MJ first checked it out in September of last year, noting it as more than just a DLC. The expansion has since been in early access on PC while getting a number of updates across the board.


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I really like Sippy Cup. I’ve been playing it for a few weeks now (compared to many, many, many hours’ worth of life in the Exiled Lands), and I really like the choice of starting area. Nice touch. My only complaint is that compared to the Exiled Lands, it feels very underpopulated. There are some really cool places to find and explore where other exiles have made camps, but often the camps are empty or have only one or two people there. It’s even more existentially angsty tbh. :D

But yes, lots of former players asking on Steam forums if it’s worth a go, to whom I say definitely. If you’ve ever liked Conan Exiles, you will like Sippy Cup.


Aside from Conan Exiles all eggs seem to be in the Dune basket for Funcom. Since the Tencent buy-out Funcom has been much quiter.

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What’s going on with Conan Chop Chop? Was supposed to release “Early 2021.”


Funcom plays “Primed Soon(tm)!” Increases delay of “Soon(tm)” by 350%!