RuneScape outlines the new Guardian’s Gift item which offers wishes to compensate for account lockouts

I wish I were a little bit... no, we're not doing this.

Do you wish that RuneScape had never had account issues that needed to be corrected in the first place? If so, you and Jagex both have the same wish. Sadly, it does not appear that wishing will undo that particular issue, but wishes hopefully will mollify players who were affected by those same issues. That’s the hope behind the new Guardian’s Gift, which started going out on May 24th and must be claimed before August 24th, 2021.

Once you claim the Gift (if you’re eligible), it will remain active indefinitely, allowing you to use the charges to wish for anything from double experience to a pack of useful combat items to an inventor’s gizmo that doesn’t consume materials. Each such wish uses a certain amount of charge, with players getting higher mounts of charge based on how badly they were affected by login issues. So it’s clear that Jagex’s wish is that this helps put all of the unpleasantness behind everyone; no word on how much charge that particular wish will use.


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