Sandbox MMO Fractured kicks off PvP city sieges, announces new investment round


Those who venture off the brightly lit paths of PvE in Fractured and delve into the blood-soaked trenches of PvP will be expecting big experiences from this upcoming sandbox. To help prop up this side of the game, the developers have been working hard at creating large city sieges — sieges that are now available for testing.

The multi-phase city sieges join the spring alpha after a delay in getting them ready for hands-on testing. “We’ve largely underestimated all the issues that could arise from such a complex system,” the studio said, going on to mention that the feature is the sole work of a single developer. Dynamight Studios hopes to iron out some of the bugs in this system before the spring alpha winds down in the next week or two and the much larger summer alpha debuts.

Dynamight said that things are really — wait for it — blowing up for the MMO: “We’re in a very exciting phase business-wise. We’re planning a new investment round and several new hires – it’s huge! More detailed info will come in due time.”

Source: Fractured

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Chaos Engine

Not the first time I saw a great indie MMO get completely reworked, dumbed down and stripped of its soul by a sellout.

City of Steam was a very tragic example.


I am curious about the investment round.
It would be nice if the team behind fractured gave us an update regarding their release schedule. Because – like basically all other indie MMORPG studios – I don’t think they will hold their release date of late 2021.