Black Desert’s Great Expedition expansion has finally floated over to console players


Black Desert’s Great Expedition expansion sailed its way over to western PC players almost two years ago, if you can believe it, back when the game on console was still new. So it’s been a long wait for console fans – but now that wait is over, as Xbox and PlayStation gamers can finally take part in all the high seas shenanigans.

Essentially, the expansion pushed players onto the Margorian Sea with new starter ships, ship updates, ocean missions, a new bartering system, and the high-level Underwater Ruins of Sycraia.

MOP’s own Desert Oasis column called the original expansion “a fantastic addition” to the base game that made ocean content more accessible. “Getting more players in a boat and out in the water is exactly what’s needed to help continue grow the game’s economy – and its playerbase,” Carlo wrote. “Who doesn’t like boats?!”

And as a final PSA for PC players: The character transfer date from Kakao to Pearl Abyss is Monday. Make sure you move your accounts or you’ll lose ’em!

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