Cryptic is looking into the Star Trek Online House United bug that ate everyone’s character slots

How's the atmosphere.

Star Trek Online’s House United update earlier this week has apparently introduced a couple of major issues that have PC left players pretty frustrated.

The most pressing bug appears to be the unintentional elimination of a character slot, both from free-to-play and lifetime accounts. It doesn’t sound as if anyone lost any actual characters, but if you deleted a toon and tried to roll a new one on patch day, well, you don’t have that slot to reuse. Cryptic said during a stream that it’s “aware” of the bug and “looking into it.”

A second bug might be more pressing; players report having major problems with their weapons just… not firing, staying in cooldown forever.

The good news is that for the most part the storyline and missions have been well-received by the often grumpy STO Reddit.

Source: Reddit, Official forums, weapons bug. Cheers, Tanek and Jon!


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