Elite Dangerous puts out a patch with a lengthy list of fixes and telemetry for performance problems


Elite: Dangerous Odyssey has, up to this point, been receiving hotfixes in order to directly address some of the more pressing issues plaguing the expansion like server issues and Orange Sidewinder errors. With today’s update, hotfixing has moved to patching as a sizeable list of fixes were released for the game.

While the list of adjustments is long and covers a wide berth of gameplay matters for Odyssey as well as Horizons in some cases, it doesn’t immediately address some of the other issues players have been having such as UI complaints, planetary tech problems, and performance issues. The devs promise that they are working on those problems, and on the subject of performance, the patch does include additional telemetry to help the devs gather data and help them put together their update roadmap.

More information on overarching pain points in Odyssey is promised to be released as soon as possible, but for the time being there are quite a lot of fixes applied here.


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Good News

  1. Played for a solid three hours after the patch, not a single CTD or server disconnect. (Vast improvement)
  2. Slight Frame rate gain (Personally mine are 60+ in space, 25-30 in stations and planet side, 20-25 fps around settlements on a 1050)
  3. Improved NPC AI makes them respond better
  4. Fixed lighting makes some planets look astounding

Bad News

  1. Not all planets still rendering properly
  2. Issues with the Outfitting screen (reported at alpha and ignored)
  3. Issues with the Galaxy Map (reported at alpha and ignored)
  4. Still very low fps on a lot of machines which should be able to easily handle it

All in all, I’ve told friends who have asked about Odyssey to hold off for about a month. I can’t recommend it when its in this state.