MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries stomps its way to Xbox, GOG, and Steam today with cross-platform multiplayer


Yes, we’re looking at the single-player/multiplayer game of MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, but it’s still a game worth noting considering all of its ties to developer Piranha Games and the studio’s myriad moves in the MMO and gaming industry sphere. Readers will recall that Piranha was part of EG7’s big buyout blitzkrieg, while the studio has been working on MW5 and the PvP multiplayer game of MechWarrior Online all at once, which incidentally led to MWO’s April balance update skipping the public testing phase.

Today, however, marks the end of MW5’s Epic Games Store exclusivity and sees the title expand to new platforms — namely Xbox, GOG, and Steam. Today also marks the launch of the Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC pack, which includes a new career path, new ‘Mechs, new variants, new weapons, a new biome, and a new Beachhead mission type.

In addition, MW5 will feature full cross-platform co-op multiplayer across every platform the game now resides. Every platform can link up with one another via the in-game ID system, though some platforms like Epic Games, Microsoft Store, and Xbox can also hook up via their native friend list features. On that subject, Steam friends will be able to hook up in a later patch update, while GOG friend list features will not be implemented.

source: official site (1, 2)

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Vanquesse V

The dlc is basically sandbox mode.
I didn’t play at epic launch, but people say enemies spawning in from thin air was very frustrating back then. The game still spawns in new enemies, but they spawn further out and come in via dropship or similar.
I’m enjoying myself but I really struggle to understand how it can take 8 days baseline to replace a single destroyed missile launcher on a single ‘mech.
The timeframe for repairs seems similar to Battletech so I’m guessing it’s a feature, not a bug.55


Definitely doesn’t take 8 days to replace a missile launcher even with base mech tech score in Battletech.


Meanwhile couple thousand turns into a 3039 campaign in BATTLETECH and just rubbing my hands waiting for those Clanners to show up and give me that sweet, sweet salvage.

Kickstarter Donor

It is also the day the Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC releases too, which makes Career mode a thing, which is cool.