Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 brings new ending, jet dragon, and pet cosplay


Hope you’re ready for the real ending, hunters. Monster Hunter Rise 3.0, live as of last night, brings a new ending to the game that the previous ending hinted at. The new Apex Zinogre, unlike the previous Apexes added in 2.0, immediately comes in both rampage and solo hunt options. We’re also getting Crimson Glow Valstrax, a variant of the Monster Hunter Generations elder dragon that basically has jets for wings and can become a missile. Naturally, this means new weapons and armor, but we were told there’ll be new skills as well.

There’s also new paid DLC options to increase customization, like voices for the teahouse girl, petshop boy, and layered armor so you and your pets can pretend to be each other, as partially seen in the header image. Yes, there is an option for you to pretend to be a cat, and apparently there are tail options that were described but not shown. Your dog and cat can also pretend to be another species, though sadly neither gets the option to be human. Sorry, pals.

Of course, there’s more to come: more DLC, more events, and more crossovers, starting with the Monster Hunter Stories 2 collab.

The May MH Digital event gave us some more details on MHS2, mostly about the story, but also the game’s breeding system that allows frost bunnies to breath fire and bears to go full avatar. It does make the monster pets seem rather customizable. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a lot of information on the game’s multiplayer aspects beyond what we saw in March, but hopefully multiplayer won’t just be side quests. You can watch the full event below.

Source: Press release, Twitter

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I’m VERY excited to see what the Capcom collabs will be this time around. I loved earning Dante’s layered armor from DMC in World. I figure there has to be something Resident Evil-related because RE Village is so new still.