Old School RuneScape has fully released its new clans feature


Old School RuneScape has moved its much-ballyhooed clans feature through several phases, starting with pre-registered clan creation to a soft launch state. As of yesterday, that launch has since firmed up as clans are now fully live in the MMORPG.

Clans will allow up to 500 players the opportunity to group up together for either regular adventuring or clan-specific endgame where they compete with rival clans. To facilitate clan gameplay, the Grand Exchange now features a clan hub with ways to access activities such as forming, finding, and clan management. On the subject of clan management, there are dedicated clan menus, features that let clan leaders assign members specific roles, and a recruitment board. When clans aren’t adventuring or fighting, they can also kick back in their own clan hall, which can be made either private or open to guests.

Further details about OSRS’ new clan system were shared during a developer livestream this past noon, but if you’re the sort who would rather experience the feature instead of watch a livestream about it, you could simply fire up the game and see if there’s a clan out there for you, of course.

source: press release
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