Wild Terra 2 postpones this week’s update and auction system implementation


Wild Terra 2: New Lands has been in early access since January, with a full roadmap through autumn plotting out everything from craft skill improvements and new locales to an auction system and the launch of the game’s first season. Jutvy Worlds popped up yesterday with a change in plans: While the next big update was supposed to launch tomorrow, it’s been postponed a couple of weeks. It’s not entirely clear what happened, but it sounds as if it’s just behind-the-scenes life stuff for the indie team.

“There is always a possibility that the deadlines will be shifted for a small team if one of the developers is temporarily unable to work (illness, relocation, and other circumstances),” the devs write. “Hope for your understanding.”

So what’s in the patch when it finally does arrive? Better crypt maps, updated exotic item levels, bug fixes, and yes, the promised auction system.

“Build an auction house, and you can sell and buy goods without leaving your territory, as well as be able to trade with players from other servers. We do not want the cross-server auction to be a complete replacement for the current trading through chat and meeting players in the game world. Therefore, when selling through the auction, the seller pays a 10% commission (in addition, the buyer will also pay a 5% commission if this purchase was cross-server).”

Source: Steam

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