World of Warcraft adds PvP gear scaling in 9.1,WoW Classic songifies the Burning Crusade

Oh snaps.

If you’re primarily a PvP player in World of Warcraft, you almost certainly want the gear awarded by the format to be the best stuff you can get for PvP. The upcoming patch 9.1 is taking on precisely that goal through use of everyone’s favorite mechanic, item level scaling! From the patch onward, PvP gear will scale up significantly by 13 items levels whenever in a PvP situation, including a battleground, arena fights, or when simply engaging with another player in open-world combat.

The flip side is that PvP gear will be a bit weaker than its equivalent PvE tier, which means that the net improvement will only be about seven item levels as the base level is being lowered to compensate. Still, it’s another approach to hopefully make PvP gearing a bit more relevant whilst engaging other players in battle and giving a notable advantage to players who focus on the time-honored art of beating other players into fine red paste.

In other WoW news, Blizzard is teasing WoW Classic Burning Crusade’s launch next week with a video… in song form courtesy of Jordan Fisher. Enjoy!

Source: Wowhead

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Versatility wasn’t cutting eh? They’re like dogs chasing their own tail…

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What, again?

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Richard de Leon III

It doesnt surprise me. The only way pvp makes sense in a PVE game is equalizing the gear or they lose more casual pvper (ie pvers) to frustrations. I’m more shocked they didnt just remove all gear considerations at least as far as pvp strikes are concerned.

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Didn’t they remove Resilience or whatever the PvP stat was? IIRC that was used to accomplish the same goal previously, eating up some of the ilvl budget so PvP gear was always less optimal for PvE. This seems to accomplish the same goal, and honestly is much more preferable since it allows them to do a better job of balancing PvP/E without one being too detrimental to the other.