A Tale in the Desert starts its tenth ‘telling’ since 2003 today


Seasons come and seasons go, and no MMO knows this better than A Tale in the Desert. Ever since the non-combat, crafting-centric game went live in 2003, its creators intended for periodic reboots to the world for new “tellings.” The ninth telling began back in 2018 and recently wrapped up this spring.

Now it’s time for A Tale in the Desert 10: Temptation. “As we venture into our tenth tale, join us in the desert for a 12-month adventure of crafting, trading and becoming a part of the Egyptian community,” Desert Nomad Studios said. “Create your character and begin your journey travelling to Egypt for fame and fortune, join one of three houses and learn skills to create and craft.”

For more background and context about this truly unique MMORPG, check out our Game Archaeologist retrospective on its history.

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