Ashes of Creation Lead Game Designer Jeffrey Bard leaves to pursue VR development


Out of all of the former SOE and Daybreak developers that have flocked to Intrepid Studios to work on Ashes of Creation, Jeffrey Bard was arguably one of the biggest assets to the fledgling team as the MMORPG’s lead game designer. Unfortunately, now Intrepid is going to have to do without Bard, as he announced his departure to go work on virtual reality at Skydance Interactive.

“It’s with a heavy heart, and a considerable amount of sadness that I announce my departure from the Intrepid team,” he wrote. “The last five years at Intrepid has been an incredible experience, with so many memories that I will cherish.”

For the time being, at least, Steven Sharif and other developers will be assuming Bard’s duties at the studio.

Before coming to Intrepid, Jeffrey Bard worked for a half-decade as a game designer for EverQuest II. His new role at Skydance Interactive is principal game designer.

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