Dragon Quest X is getting an offline version

But there are still no plans to release the game here

Never happening.

It’s all right if you forgot that Dragon Quest X was a thing. Seriously, it’s fine. This is an MMO that launched ages ago in Japan and has done all right for itself there, but it’s apparently now going to get a new lease on life in the form of an offline version of the same title. While the maps will be somewhat smaller and some mechanics will be tweaked, it’ll allow solo players to get some of the experience of the game for themselves.

But will it be any more playable in the West? Maybe, but Square-Enix reiterated that there are no plans for a global release for Dragon Quest X the MMO, so it’s quite possible this is also true for the version that has undergone a complete MMO-dectomy. Then again, it wasn’t specifically said that this version wouldn’t be released internationally. Just… maybe don’t hold out too much hope for it.

Source: Kotaku (1, 2)

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See if this really was just an offline version of X with NPC party members and such, I’d totally take it as a replacement for the MMO if it came here (though obviously we’d ALL rather have the real X).

What I saw in the announcement though looked like almost a completely different game, with a much different and chibi-style art design. It feels like it’s going to be almost like an FFXV Pocket Edition version of X, and honestly that’s not enough for me. Not to mention there’s no reason for it, as I’d assume it would be much easier and cheaper to simply reuse all of the assets from the MMO. Oh well.

Vanquesse V

I get that Dragon Quest isn’t a household name in the west, but I can’t see SE not bringing it over as anything but a huge wasted opportunity considering how thirsty people are for new pve mmos.