Dungeons and Dragons Online brings the Crystal Cove event back through June 13


Today in low-effort MMO update news, Dungeons and Dragons Online has made a single line-length proclamation to players of the MMORPG: “Crystal Cove has returned! Available through June 13th!” That’s it. That’s the tweet.

For those who are unfamiliar, the Treasure of Crystal Cove event sees players heading to Smuggler’s Rest to fight pirates and loot items like doubloons to trade for various goodies, named treasure maps that reveal other special instances filled with XP and loot, and treasure map pieces and treasure compasses that are needed to unlock trips to the Crystal Cove location. Once the Crystal Cove is opened up for entry, solo or group players must help friendly Kobolds meet a crystal mining quota before time runs out.

As mentioned before, this event runs between now and Sunday, June 13th, and while it presumably holds no new surprises for experienced DDO players, there’s at least something additional to do. Provided you’re not deeply invested in the hardcore mode.

sources: Twitter, official site, thanks to DDO Central for the tip!
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