Enlisted adds new maps and weapons in latest update, moves Battle of Berlin closed beta to its next phase


The multiplayer WWII shooter Enlisted has seen a couple of updates for both the overall game and the title’s current closed beta campaign that kicked off in April, all falling under the subtitle At the Reichstag Walls.

For the overall game, this new update brings a Normandy campaign where players must either capture or defend an airfield and expands the Battle of Moscow campaign with new locations like the Wilhelmstrasse. All campaigns are also seeing new progression levels with new squads, weapons, and vehicles to unlock. Both of these campaigns are available to all players.

As for the Battle of Berlin CBT, that’s moving into the next phase with this update as progression is polished, new campaign levels are added, and new squads and weapons are introduced. Those who have bought in to this closed beta will see their progression start from level one but will also not have any progression wiped after the CBT period ends.

source: press release

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