Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis releases a character creator and benchmark tool for PC


If you missed out on the recent closed beta test for Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis and are eager to prepare yourself for the game’s arrival in June, or if you were in the beta and desperately miss the game to the point that you want any taste of it whatsoever, then you’ll be excited to learn that there’s a new utility for PC you can download that lets you craft your character ahead of time and ensure your machine can run the game.

This character creator/benchmark tool does pretty much what it says on the tin, letting players craft their perfect anime protag and save the character data, which can then be loaded into New Genesis at launch. Once a character has been put together, they’ll star in a benchmark movie that serves the dual purpose of ensuring players’ PCs can run the game smoothly and providing a way to capture screenshots of created characters to share on social media.

The dedicated website has all of the instructions and the download link to boot. Incidentally, if you did happen to miss New Genesis’ PC beta round, make sure to check out our first impressions.


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Scorp Gang

My Vacation starts on the 21st. They should wait until then.


I remember when BDO released the character creator ahead of the official launch. I spent a few hours playing around with it, trying to make a cool looking Wizard.

And then they patched in the alternate younger look option for the Wizard


We’re somewhere between one to five weeks from launch, how do we still not have a release date for this?

Eric Gray Jr.

Probably SEGA trying to still get as much business outta Legacy PSO2 before dropping the date digits. They know that if they drop it too early, the lead-up till that date will almost guarantee ghost ships. If it’s just a week’s time of ghost ships, it won’t be as bad.

Dug From The Earth

Not sure how accurate this is, considering you can transfer back and forth between the 2 games.

Eric Gray Jr.

I have had access to both versions of the game. Jpn and global. Hearing info from both sides of the community and rolling it off from there with SEGA’s track history and well mmo history in general, folks jump onto a game when playable content drops. Especially those that are at endgame and bored with the current systems.

Think of this like when FFXIV expansions drop. The previous areas/content become ghost towns for the most part unless they’re central starting points or some kind of resource hub. Daily Roulette ques don’t seem as long in said content, but try queuing up that specific older content that don’t have guaranteed resources but you want to run it anyway.

PSO2 lobbies will turn out like those older single queued content in FFXIV when NGS drops: Dead on arrival

So yeah, SEGA would keep it on the hush till maybe a week before release so as not to have everyone jump ship immediately when that info is leaked. I want NGS so bad since all the playable content in PSO2 JPN is done and the current “NGS waiting room” mindset of the lobbies is rather degrading.

Dankey Kang

It’s looking extremely likely that it’s gonna be the 9th. All the indications in game are pointing to it.