Superhero MMO City of Titans teases player housing and team base decorating


If you’d forgotten that City of Titans was planning to offer housing at some point, well, so had I, but we can be forgiven since this game has been in development so long. In any case, a new dev blog will refresh your memory. In City of Titans, these homes come in two forms: player lairs and group bases.

“Every CoT player will have housing offered to their characters when they play the game,” Missing Worlds Media says. “Housing is a location in the game environment that each character can enter as their own private residence. It will be located in an interior space that players will open up as an ‘instanced area.’ Players will have some opportunity to make choices about interior design, as well as housing location. Think of it like Universal Basic Housing (UBH). There won’t be anything too fancy, but a bare minimum place your hero or villain will be offered to rest their head.”

Bases, on the other hand, are meant for guilds and can be placed in both urban areas and remote locations, with unique entrances to match. The blog post includes a ton of pics of different spots, from city condos, run-down duplexes, campus accommodations, high-rise apartments, old warehouses, and hidden spots like “discreet sewer entrances.”

Source: Official site. Cheers, Ken!
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