The Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III hybrid CU/NGE rogue server launches tonight


We’ve been updating at the end of this post. The original article follows. It’s a happy day for Star Wars fans in the MMO world, as the emulator community is getting a new server in the form of Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III. As we’ve previously noted, this server is an interesting blend of old and new mechanics and content – a CU base, including skill-by-use character progression, with Jump to Lightspeed’s space content and the best post-NGE content layered on top, plus a new Jedi unlock system.

“[T]he Restoration team is ecstatic to announce that its permanent live server for Star Wars Galaxies will go online. We proudly present to Star Wars fans new and old, a unique blend of content from every era of SWG; plus the reworking of key mechanics to address systemic problems that persisted in the live version of the game. Players will receive a special founder’s gift for creating a character during the launch weekend: a custom R3 Golden Cybernetic plaque to decorate your house and commemorate the server’s launch, and an in-game shirt that will give your characters a small XP boost.”

I’ve had a few readers mention this and I’ve been curious myself, so I asked the team about multiple accounts: According to the FAQ, each player may have only one account (and thereby two characters), with accommodations for to allow family members to have their own accounts on the same IP address. The team told me this morning that those accommodations aren’t ready just yet (as I type this), but the staff is hoping to have them ready by the launch – which incidentally kicks off at 7 p.m. EDT tonight. Registrations are already open! [Update: The devs tell me this afternoon that multi-account setup has now rolled out; parents/spouses/roomies will need to make a second account from the same IP and fill out the application that is viewable from the main side navbar.]

As always, readers should know that SWG emulators and rogue servers are not officially sanctioned by Sony, Daybreak, or Disney, but the community has been operating them with few hitches since well before the original game sunset in 2011, so it seems unlikely that they pose any risk now.

Source: Official site, press release
Update 5/29
As our comments indicate, the launch of the server didn’t quite go to plan, as the staff struggled to keep it live as hundreds of people tried to create accounts for a server that apparently had a player cap of 100. (For comparison, SWG Legends nears 2000 players at its peak.) It isn’t going much better today with what appears to be a cap of 200 or 300 with twice that number registered to play; Discord gamers who manage to log in report that the server is riddled with bugs, quest errors, settings issue, and plain ol’ lag. (We reiterate that the Discord community for this server is extremely rough and the edgy spam is not being adequately moderated right now.)

“I am still working on the connection server issue,” the admin wrote today. “I apologize for everyone who’s struggling to login, the amount of activity we have is easily 10 times more then the stress test and definitely complicating things.”


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Bruno Brito

As of right now, the server had an unexpected issue and it’s offline, waiting for a manual reboot.

ALL of the admins and devs are unavaliable, which means there’s no ETA to solving it. This team is really, really small.

The fact that they seem to have no GMs either gives me little faith in this turd of a project. The discord is a complete mess, and i’m highly sure they cleaned their act long enough just to garner more attention.

Except they don’t have the structure to hold these players. This server lags like a drowned duck on prime-time. Tatooine was having the most bizarre issues ever. You can’t see status on the weapons because of the number of people on the planet (?), all actions taking 3s delays, no one could complete the pod racing quest because lag impedes the game to register your checkpoints.

Dude. The fuck. Don’t overhype a project that has no structure to handle the hype. For fuck’s sake.


I joined the R3 beta very late and crammed 50+ hours of testing into less then a week. I tried multiple times to disclose and discuss multiple concerns and was met with little more than blind fanboism from the community and disregard from the dev team. Based on the amount of bugs and issues to complex systems I found, I advocated for delaying launch then.

Let me preface the following with this: My conduct on launch night was not warranted. Had a bit too much to drink and kept falling in to the “react to contact” loop with the trolls already cited here extensively.

First and foremost, this is not a CU server. This is an NGE server with the CU ported on top of it/skinned into barely functional. It’s taken extensive fiddling to make it convincing, but that’s the truth as illustrated by the SWG Harvester listing for R3 and the dysfunctionality of simple CU systems like skill box progression in the the U screen.

Their Senators are little more then the most popular of trolls with a different color name, as I tested on launch night by stating the above and watching the meltdown. Through comments of the Senatorial team (Gospel/Monarch – and most of the rest), they unintentionally indicated a complete lack of understanding of the very NGE concepts they reskinned, such as credit farming exploits the credit farmers utilized back on live…and little regard to addressing them after they were laid out and explained in painstaking detail. Rather then entertain the issue, they dismissed it as the cries of an “NGE noob” and carried on their merry, overly confident way.

Despite launch being less then 3 weeks away at the time, they had entire professions (Ranger) that weren’t properly implemented (with a promise of release prior to launch that never came) that allows for 130% DNA sampling in a system where 90% is supposed to be the cap – for a reason. Rather then understand the NGE BM system they skinned the CU on top of, they just tossed +10 DNA harvesting onto Novice and Master Ranger and moved on…..completely destroying the BM mutation market in the process.

The freshly implemented profession (at the time) was Squad Leader, which was both broke and broken. At least 1/3 of the NGE ported….I mean CU ported interface onto NGE systems and abilities non-functional broke. Those abilities that did function were *broken* powerful.

By their own unspoken word, the devs are extremely melee biased. So much so that they can’t see how biased they actually are. During an interview, JarJar is the only dev that gave lip service to entertaining a ranged build as an “alternate” option. Everyone else (including himself) unanimously stated they were planning on playing melee…the majority of which were going TKM (or some variant of TKA).

Why? All armors apply a movement speed debuff that cannot be countered without grinding out a large portion of an advanced profession, which stack…unless your tempalte has battle and assault (for example)… which point you mitigate 60% of the *substantial* movement speed debuff of each armor class, thereby forcing you into their predetermined templates by default.

With TKA/M, you’re far less reliant on armor.

That means in the NGE content they’re CU skinned, when you’d usually be able to put on shit tier armor at level 22, you still can…..but you move at a literal snails pace.

Not enough movement speed debuff while leveling a ranged toon? Using a ranged weapon *also* reduces movement speed with a separate, stacking debuff, resulting in low level ranged characters moving slower then RP/shift walking while wearing armor….while their TKA “peers” zip right along the leveling path.

Don’t worry, this gets even better.

In the NGE they skinned CU over, a pure Trader (all crafter professions of your choice) template is locked at cl1. You cant wear armor and move and you definitely can’t use a ranged weapon, too. This takes crafters from having a symbiotic relationship with combat classes to being completely reliant on them for escort and lair clearing on the buildable “hostile” worlds.

The dev and community answer when I brought this up? “Hire an escort.” So hire an escort to get the capped resources that would afford me the credits to pay for an escort? Safe to say that if I need those resources to craft capped, I don’t have the credits to pay someone to hold my hand – if, let’s face it, anyone was available and not pursuing their own ends.

On top of that crafter hate, there are no BER 44 NGE elite harvesters, just the 14 BER heavies. So the NGE BM system they skinned CU on top of not only can’t navigate Mustafar (when it releases) without a combat character escort, it’s relying on BER 14 harvs to generate the resources needed for the massively resource hungry consumables.

Surely you don’t think you could possibly counter all the movement speed hate with an NGE entertainer buff, do you? The movement speed NGE Ent buff has been nerfed on R3. It costs 10 of 20 buff points for *5%* increase.

Not enough? There are only 4 doctor buffs, cast from the skill tree. There are additionally 2 separate resistance buffs for defending against poison and disease…two template options melee (and specifically Jedi) were weaker to.

Not. Melee. Biased. At. All.

The kicker? All 6 buffs last no longer then 40 minutes. Enough time for your group to finally get together and enter an instance half the time.

My reward for, at first casually, then increasingly aggressively trying to raise all of these points?

A ban from the Discord. And an IP ban from the web site and game.

Restoration 3 is a fantastic concept full of hardwork, stupid design decisions, poor implementation, and a haste to go “live” when it wasn’t ready.

Just like SOE did SWG originally.

And to think I used to call Legends the SOE roleplayers……..


After 24 hours of folks trying to play, playing, and now the servers being down until they can find another host – the Discord chat has devolved into racist / edge lord meme bull crap.

I’d avoid it for a while until they can stabilize, the Discord is a waste of time.


The cynic in me wonders if perhaps this is to let the devs and their mates get the best town spots claimed on the server.

Bruno Brito

Probably not. These botched launches are highly damaging.

it’s just gross incompetence.

Bruno Brito

It’s amazing that i expected little ( altho i allowed myself to be hyped for a CU server ) and yet got disappointed.

So, if no one minds, i’ll mince no words here:

This is one of the most dogshit launches i’ve ever seen. I’m talking in general. The fact that their whiteknighting brigade keeps comparing to triple A launches is nothing short of deflection.

– “It wasn’t expected this much people” – THIS FUCKING SERVER WAS ADVERTISED AT PC GAMER. What the hell is wrong with these people?!

– “Devs are doing their best” – I can’t speak for Halo or JarJar, but Sky is doing absolutely nothing except ( badly ) moderating discord chat. It didn’t take long for their discord to once again, regrade into the most reprobate-like community ever. I recommend NO ONE to join their discord looking for people, just use it as an announcement channel, and avoid playing this crap with your kids.

Also, the cheap shots at Legends ( even tho Legends is literally 1.3k players on right now while this pathetic excuse for a project can’t break the 200 because they’re largely incompetent ) just make me regurgitate.

To be fair, altho i’m mad because i can’t play, the fact that the complete dumpsterfire of a playerbase they cultivated also can’t play and is in meltdown mode makes me a bit happier.


Just play Legends, people.

Ardra Diva

Can’t even fathom why someone would bring back NGE Galaxies. That’s what bloody killed the game.

Bruno Brito

Because launch NGE and end-SWG NGE were two different beasts. The same applies to Launch NGE x Legends.

Which brings me to one of my favourite quotes from John Oliver:

“Now is not years ago.”

Also, this is not a NGE server, it’s a CU server with NGE content.


Negative. It is an NGE server with the CU dumpster ported on top of it, as illustrated by it’s SWG Harvester listing and the fact basic CU functions do not work.

Bruno Brito

I’m aware of the shortcomings and yes, it’s a incompetence shitshow, but they did mention several times it would be a “backport” of NGE. I expected Halo to be unfocused and abandoning ship with like 4 months, which he’s used to do.

I didn’t expect him to be largely incompetent. Now i know better.

Douglas Lawson

We have Star Wars Galaxies Legends.. dont need another one.

Bruno Brito

Yeah, no. Legends is not a CU server.

We NEED a CU server, just one with a better team.


Turns out it’s amateur hour over there. Not feeling confident about this at all. Even when people are able to log in, I’m not so sure they’ll be able to do the proper maintenance of keeping it up and running day and night. Poor communication, horrible discord. Big flop so far.

Bruno Brito

Hikari Kenzaki

Their donation website listed the server costs were $128 a month. That is troublingly low.

Bruno Brito

The server is having hiccups with like 80 people online. It’s exactly what i expected from this. I’m stuck at the login server.

I’m not joking. The fact that only 100 people were able to log and there are 1000s trying is something that doesn’t happen with the most crappy WoW pserver.

Get it together, Halo.


Excited for this! Installed and waiting!