New World offers a guided tour through lush Windsward


Will summer 2021 culminate with one of the biggest MMORPG releases in years? There are great hopes resting on the largely unproven Amazon Game Studios and its flagship New World. And while it’s too soon to make judgments — we’ll wait until the beta for that — at least we can embark on a virtual tour through the game’s zones with a new YouTube series.

Stop one on this tour of Aeternum is Windsward, a pretty forest zone that screams “new player friendly!” The following four-minute narrated video points out many of the sights and landmarks of this region, including Windsward Town, the Southern Breeze Inn, the Amrine Temple, the Windsward Fort PvP area, and farmsteads. Give it a look and let us know what you think:

Source: YouTube. Thanks Squid!

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Looks good. Cannot wait

Ardra Diva

I read what appear to be conflicting things on their site. Is it possible to NOT participate in PvP completely and ONLY do PvE without risk of being murdered by other players? I see things about requiring PvP flagging to participate in some things and Not requiring PvP flagging to participate in some other PvP things on their web site.

Kickstarter Donor

Is it possible to NOT participate in PvP completely and ONLY do PvE without risk of being murdered by other players?

Yes. Open world PvP is only between flagged members of opposing factions and everything else—territory wars, outpost rush—is in instances where everyone is flagged (i.e., battlegrounds).

Basically you’ll never fight another player unless you decide to, however the PvP bit of the game, primarily the territory control system, can still impact you as a non-PvPer. Players get bonuses in territories controlled by their faction (members of the controlling company get bigger bonuses), controlling companies set the tax rates in towns (0-25% increase to fees for things like the auction house and crafting), and you can only ship items between settlements controlled by the same faction (so if your faction doesn’t control the territory you want to move items too, you’ll have to hoof it instead of just paying gold to move the items).


You will be required to be flagged for PvP if you want to do certain things, such as participating in capture or defense of forts in game. If you are not interested in doing things like capturing or defending forts and want to do crafting or grinding small PvE instances instead or just roleplay in the settlement – you will not be forced to be flagged for PvP.

Of course, if you’re only interested in such things as crafting or dungeons or RPing – you shouldn’t be playing this game in first place since just about every current popular PvE-focused MMORPG already does all of those things better ;-)

Lars Rönnbäck

I found the crafting quite satisfying and I saw more than usual role playing during the preview event. The setting is quite immersive, and lends itself well to role playing, so I definitely see where they were coming from. There were no dungeons during the preview, so I can’t speak for them, but I think the game is well worth checking out even if you intend never to PvP.