Path of Exile Ultimatum statistics and more game mechanic Q&A answers


Players of Path of Exile have been very busy indeed in the Ultimatum League according to some stats shared by the devs. The data provided shows that hundreds of thousands of Ultimatum encounters were started across all levels, with some pretty high completion rates overall except for the level 78+ bracket, which sees Wave 10 completion at just over 60%. There’s also deeper breakdowns compiled in the presentation, like encounter types and their completion rates and failure rates of various modifiers.

For the POE player that prefers their information in patch notes form instead, the ARPG has shared those per usual; it’s a small patch compared to others with a lineup of fixes along with adjustments to the Hateforge gloves and some squashing of calculation and snapshotting bugs.

Finally, a whole ream of community questions about game mechanics that have been answered both this week and last week. While these answers are all grouped together under the game mechanics umbrella, there are a wide variety of answers on offer, so curious fans of POE may want to set aside some time to read through them all.

source: official forums (1, 2, 3, 4)

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Bryan Correll

Those stats hide as much as they reveal. How many of those started encounters are abandoned after the first round? What percentage of maps are completed skipping the ultimatum encounters entirely? I usually give em a pass unless unless the reward on offer is worth the risk, and it usually isn’t.