Is there a long future in Star Wars Galaxies server emulation?

Oh boy.

With high profile news updates like the trainwreck launch of the hybrid CU/NGE rogue server and the addition of Bespin to the Legends rogue server, now seems like a pretty good time to reintroduce yourself to Star Wars Galaxies. But are these developments running on borrowed time? Is there a point where this much noise will incur the all-subsuming wrath of Disney’s corporate ur-beast? And what’s next for the game’s emulation as a whole? These are questions that have been tackled in a recent video from YouTube channel Napyet Gaming.

The video in question immediately takes on the fear of SWG rogue servers incurring a smiting from Lucasfilm and Disney, leaning on the question of “is the juice worth the squeeze” as a template for action (or as has been the case for years, non-action). Basically, Napyet reasons that an effort to close down rogue servers would only result in wasted money and time, bad PR, and the start of an endless cycle of shutting down additional servers popping up, as the emulation code is already widely distributed. Furthermore, if these servers aren’t making money off of the IP then they will likely remain off the legal radar. That said, he also appreciates that a server could get so big that it’d be impossible to ignore, though that event still seems unlikely by the reality of the fanbase’s size.

“If one of these Star Wars Galaxies servers blew up to the extent that it rivaled The Old Republic in terms of its playerbase, then I think we’d see some movement from the companies. But the likelihood of this happening is small, just like the community surrounding Star Wars Galaxies. And that’s the truth.

“When we’re in the midst of our hobby, surrounded by thousands of others who share our passion, we can develop a distorted view of reality. As we proselytize about our favorite game, we often feel there’s a horde of potential players out there who would only be playing if they knew the fun we were having. But the truth is the audience for Star Wars Galaxies in 2021 is small and will likely remain so; most of the people who would be playing are already doing so.”

As for what could possibly be next for SWG emulation, Napyet posits that major barriers like the game’s obtuse introduction and the inability for rogue server teams to come together and make their work open source are the larger hurdles for seeing the game grow to its full potential. Instead, fans are spoiled for choice, with a wide variety of rogue servers to choose from.

It’s a well-reasoned look at where things stand and what could be upcoming, and we’ve got it embedded below.

source: YouTube

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Turing fail
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Turing fail

Soooo… this your passive/aggressive revenge on Bree for vetoing a pet project?

Seriously, your question is valid. Listening to Bree describe the effort she dedicates to her endeavors on a rogue server gives me the Willies. The thought of losing all my game world achievements with zero recourse would ruin my fun to the point that I just couldn’t take the risk.

Of course MMOs all eventually go belly up in one way or another, so I should maybe just not think so much.

Vanquesse V

“Of course MMOs all eventually go belly up in one way or another”
This is true, and a good thing to keep in mind, but the way a rogue server dies is usually pretty different from how an official server dies.
Most times when a retail mmo dies, it’s because nobody plays it anymore (swg and coh being notable exceptions); they go out in a whimper. Rogue servers usually go out with a bang, either from drama or lawyers.
So while you can’t expect your progress to live forever in either case, you are more likely to be cut short on a rogue server.

Kickstarter Donor

At the risk of exposing my inner SWG fanboy, the systems in that game are very unique and hard to find elsewhere. No other MMO really had (or has) the same degree of housing customization and its surrounding systems, which makes a private server’s potential closure easier to stomach, at least in my opinion.

Experiencing something you like with the chance of losing it is better than not being able to experience it at all at least IMHO. In addition to more cliche ideas like it being more about the journey than the end goal.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

“It is better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all.” :D


H1Z1 is basically a home to all swg refugees!


Seeing as Star Wars ip exclusivity to EA was lifted fairly recent(it was even announced on social media), the most likely would be, if a server grew too popular, would be to have to pay a big portion of the profit. But most private servers do not get to the point where they cover their full expenses, let alone make profit and I doubt SWG ones can make much profit either, so its more theory than practice


Disney is the same company that once sued a group of 5th graders for making a kindergarten mural involving Disney characters.

If / when Disney decides to move against the SWG emulation servers, whatever cash flow they have, and whether they’re making a profit or not will not factor into Disney’s decision. Simply put Disney does not see IP theft as something to let go. I’m honestly surprised they haven’t made a move already, but yeah; the higher profile these servers get, the bigger the chance Disney just decides to drop the hammer.

Bruno Brito

And then, what happened to Blizzard will happen to Disney: Legends and all other servers will move to Russian/eastern Europe based servers.


It’s known that George Lucas said he doesn’t care about SWG private servers as long as they don’t make money out of it. So far I haven’t heard of a single SWG pserver that was handed aa C&D letter and ordered to shut down. Most shut down due to drama or lack of players or developers not having the drive or means to continue supporting their servers.

SWG Emu or Basilisk or whatever it’s called and SWG Legends have been around for a very long time, nothing has changed and probably nothing will. The problem with most private servers for every MMORPG is that they segregate the population too much, just like Linux distros. But as long as there are many options, people will also segregate themselves intentionally. Have just one Linux distro or one private server for the whole planet and see how people, like it or not, will use it, because there is no other option, of course some will outright refuse to use it, but whatever.