The Daily Grind: Have you ever given up sleep for MMOs?


There’s a saying I always try to remind myself of when it comes to staying up late to do anything (but especially to play games): Don’t stay up late to do anything you wouldn’t get up early to do. And that rule of thumb works great right up until… you start getting up early to play games. Joke’s on you, sappy saying, I can wreck my sleep both ways!

But it’s true, I’ve found myself getting up a little bit earlier lately so I can log into a specific MMO before work, usually to set up my factories for the day so they’re humming along printing salable goods in the virtual world all day while I’m out here working in the real world. We’re not talking more than 30 minutes or so, but it’s been a long while since I willingly rolled out of bed before my alarm, and it’s been kinda fun.

Have you ever given up sleep for MMOs? Are you more likely to sacrifice sleep at night or in the morning?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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2001- EQ – Monk Epic Weapon Quest – Blackburrow Dungeon – 18 #@!%$ hours straight in the chair (with bathroom breaks between spawns – usually had 18 minutes give or take) waiting for the $#@!%^ Black Gnoll to pop.

[Continued for long stretches over the next 3 days but nothing like that first day when I was GOING TO GET HIM FOR SURE… Yeah, he never popped for me, so I went the ‘dishonorable’ route (at least that’s how some Monks on Nameless viewed it) of getting my Guilds help and with a band of them plus a Ranger – tracked down and killed Raster instead. In fact we did Raster twice so I could get the Robes again after getting my Monk epic in EQ.]

Dankey Kang

Implying that giving up sleep for MMO’s is even remotely unusual.


I remember straight up falling asleep on the keyboard in Everquest one night. I just joined some Dark Elf RP guild and wanted to make an impression on the guild leader (a poor one apparently). Woke up at noon they were still there grinding away never booted me lol. They did 24 hour sessions said they were vampires or something. I was like 14 or something it was too hard-core for me so I left lol

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The better question is what players here haven’t lost sleep over MMOs. 😂

Aaron Weddle

Simple answer yes… back in the day Before the skill queues in EVE online i would wake or sleep based on skill training. and there was many a sleepless day Spent playing Everquest and Dungeons and dragons online


Yes, but not just for MMOs…I pretty much do anything I can do to hold off the dawning of a new, terrible day.


living the performance athlete lifestyle for almost my complete career the personal record of (game-induced) sleep deprivation was 2005 Neocron: BDOY – 55h + 20h a private novel on the aftermath of a break-up in the Wastelands.

btw – if there is anything personally dystopean, its gaming for (/instead of) breakfast, no matter the “urgency”.

Turing fail
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Turing fail

Used to play SWTR all night into the next day, my left hand literally twitching and aching from repetitive stress.

Would set my alarm clock to run into EVE low/nul sec just after the server reboot to better my odds of giving gate campers the slip. Always worked.

For better or worse, nothing I’m now playing is worth messing up my sleep rhythm… not sure if it’s meh games or getting too old.

Formerly known as Sray
Formerly known as Sray

10 to 15 years ago? Sure, plenty of times. These days though, I won’t even give up sleep for sex.

Oleg Chebeneev

During golden WoW days I spent many nights raiding and doing BG premades..