Elite Dangerous Distant Worlds 3 postponed indefinitely as malaise over Odyssey sets in


It’s no secret that the launch of Elite Dangerous Odyssey has been poorly handled, with a wide swath of errors and issues plaguing the initial launch and a whole lot of unhappy players bemoaning the update’s changes to UI and planets among other things. In fact, part of one Elite podcast points to abyssmal community reviews on Steam, a falling stock price, and major community pillars walking away from the game as a signal that developer Frontier Developments has spent its player goodwill.

It was in the comments of that podcast clip that YouTuber Erimus Kamzel announced that the Turning the Wheel community initiative will likely be the last event of its kind for a while, as others like Distant Worlds 3 are being put on hold indefinitely. “The game has lost its soul. […] There really needs to be a big change in the way Frontier treats its players,” writes Kamzel. “At this moment in time they don’t deserve this fantastic creative community, and if they don’t re-embrace it or stop disrespecting it, they’ll lose it for good.”

Meanwhile, FDev continues to attack the various problems with Odyssey, with the most recent update noting how the team has been monitoring Odyssey’s effects on the background simulation and made adjustments this past Friday to keep things in line with Horizons. “We are aware of a number of concerns raised from player communities around the impact Odyssey has had on the Background Simulation. We will continue to monitor this closely going forwards,” reads the post.

sources: YouTube via Reddit, official forums, Steam, London Stock Exchange, cheers Stuart!
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