Blue Protocol debuts the new Heavy Smasher class, lets players hold hands, and adjusts to beta feedback


It’s been a little bit of time since we’d heard much out of Blue Protocol. Up until now, we knew the game was going to feature a photo mode and a customizable radial menu, but otherwise the MMORPG from Bandai Namco has been in closed beta testing in Japan, starting as late as April of last year. This past Thursday, however, saw a fair bit of news break for the game.

A recent livestream from the devs showcased several updates, starting off with a look at a new class known as the Heavy Smasher. This new off-tank style class attacks with a massive ball-headed hammer weapon that can shoot its sphere at foes, engage super armor to withstand heavy hits, and has a high HP pool in order to effectively face tank enemies. This class is set to release once Blue Protocol officially launches, though no release date has been set.

The devs further offered some adjustments coming to the game based on beta tester’s feedback: Riding a mount will no longer have an energy drain component (meaning players won’t be dismounted because an erroneous resource bar got emptied), materials can now effectively stack infinitely, and there’s a new wishlist feature that lets players track when they have needed materials for a desired craftable item.

Additionally, the devs provided a look at an NPC that can join solo players at certain “joint battle” events to help them out by throwing a stunning item and drawing enemy attention, and showcased a new joint gesture feature that lets players perform shared emotes with one another. Things like playing rock paper scissors or the scandalous act of holding hands will soon be possible. Lewd.

The stream also had some more combat previews on display that include the Heavy Smasher, which the folks at Reddit have cobbled together; you can watch that below.


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7 months ago

These games that take 500 hits to take down one mob give me tired head. I mean how weak is your character that they have to kill everything via ‘death by 1000 cuts’? At the point it’s a grind just to kill a single monster, I can only imagine how grindy the rest of the game is. Do you have to take vacation days from work to go kill a boss? I can only imagine how long that would take.

Bonus points for hand holding, though. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen that in another MMO before.

Eric Gray Jr.
7 months ago

“shared emotes”
“hand holding”
*tries to imagine roes, roth’s, elezen, and male Au Ra trying to be handholding levels with Lala’s if FFXIV had shared emotes*

“My back.. will never be the same..”

Carlo Lacsina
Carlo Lacsina
7 months ago

Torn between the hand holding. For one, I know I’ll never get lost in dungeons anymore. On the other hand (no pun intended), this could possibly open the door to more controversial things like showing ankles!


Knight Porter
7 months ago

Really wish shared emotes were a thing in more games. Let me actually fistbump my friends, instead of awkwardly pointing my fist in their general direction and hoping they can line up and position properly to do the same

Kickstarter Donor
7 months ago
Reply to  Knight Porter

Makes me miss the Matrix Online emotes that let you hold hands and hug in a way that actually worked and lined the animations up.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron
7 months ago

“Things like playing rock paper scissors or the scandalous act of holding hands will soon be possible.”

I thought we were done with this kind of lewdness in MMOs after Scarlett Blade sold nude cosmetics.

Kickstarter Donor
7 months ago
Reply to  Connor

This videogame is not Amish approved. Also, because it’s a videogame and I don’t think they approve those in general.

Bruno Brito
7 months ago
Reply to  Connor