Elder Scrolls Online’s Blackwood is officially live on PC, Mac, and Stadia – here’s the launch trailer

As promised, The Elder Scrolls Online has gone live on PC, Mac, and Stadia with its Blackwood chapter and sideloading update 30. Console players will be waiting until June 8th to leap in and until June 14th for the Console Enhanced version. The highlight of Blackwood, of course, is the new companion system, which essentially gives players their own NPC follower to help out in combat. There’s also a new 12-person raid, the new Oblivion portal world events, and the Blackwood zone itself. ZeniMax says it amounts to “over 30 hours of new story content.”

“As part of our Gates of Oblivion year-long storyline, the Blackwood Chapter will task players with exposing the daedric plots and tyrannical schemes consuming the region. Discover the connection of these plots to the Prince of Destruction and his dreadful plans for Tamriel. Though Blackwood is a standalone story, its events further the overall Gates of Oblivion narrative that will conclude later in 2021.”

Blackwood is a paid chapter, but update 30 is free for all players; it includes the new default tutorial and ability bar timers. It will also kick off the start of the endeavors system later this month – that’s the one that enables players to snag lockbox stuff without gambleboxing.

We spoke with ZeniMax’s Rich Lambert about the launch in an interview we published earlier today; the brand-new launch trailer is below. Happy launch day!

All our Blackwood coverage to date:

Source: Official site, press release
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