The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs you’ve dramatically changed your mind about?


I will never forget that when I first started playing City of Heroes back in 2004, my guild an I didn’t last but a month or two. While I loved the idea of the game and spent hours obsessively planning out characters, in practice the game at launch was a slow, grindy, punishing mess, and it was not a super hard decision to move on to other games like WoW a few months later.

Of course, by the time Villains came out, and especially by the time of the Mission Architect, I had changed my mind: I got deeply reinvested in the game and was actively playing the summer the sunset was announced. And now, I’ve got another two years under my belt thanks to the rogue servers that cropped up in 2019. I still consider it a top-three MMORPG.

In other words, I dramatically changed my opinion about the game after a couple of years. I have a pretty good idea why, too, as the people working on the game shifted around and new mechanics and design philosophies emerged.

Are there MMOs you’ve dramatically changed your mind about? What finally made them click for you?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Paragon Lost

ESO. Bought it when it released and would try to get into it but just couldn’t seem to get over the controls. Five years later I finally managed to overcome my dislike of them and it’s been a fun seven plus months.


I used to have active accounts for at least half a dozen different MMOs, and the certainty that I’d “always make time to bounce between them.” Now I have Warframe, and Star Trek Online. And due to the *constant* event spam in STO (login every day! Every single day! Do it! DO IT NOW!) I’m strongly considering that this is possibly still at least one online game too many.

So… yes, I have reconsidered my opinion of many MMOs.

Kickstarter Donor

Not really, but then I’ve been playing MMO’s as long as there have been MMO’s and it’s an industry that has trends like any other.
It is mostly just expected responses to expected issues with equally expected outcomes seen, time and time again.

I have yet to witness any MMO developers pull a Hello Games for example and turn things around for a failing game completely.

I don’t like to write games off though, I like to keep hope alive that they will turn things around even if they invariably do not.

But I believe the possibility for it to happen exists, I just haven’t seen it.. yet :)


My gut feeling is usually pretty accurate, so it’s rare that i’ll get a “dramatic” change of heart. I usually get a good idea relatively early whether i’ll have fun or not. There are actually more than one examples of me giving a 4th or 5th shot to an MMO just to be disappointed yet again.



I’m the type that will always get to max level in an MMORPG before passing judgement. It disheartens me when people only play up to 20-40hrs and declare that the game is not for them. Most of these MMO’s don’t get interesting until endgame. Those who quit prematurely are severely cutting off what could be a great experience for them sooner than later.

I also always do my research, try and get into a beta or play free session where I can dig into before deciding whether or not to purchase.

I play WoW, FFXIV, GW2 and ESO, rotating regularly as new content comes out. They all provide different strengths in entertaining gameplay and all deserve a thorough play through before deciding it’s not someone’s ideal MMO.


I’m of different opinion. In my mind, if i’m not having fun few hours into a game, i won’t have fun later on either. A game either grips me right away or it shows its true colours immediately. My philosophy is that i should never have to go through slog before i reach “fun”. That is faulty game design.

I will continue crusading against endgame being “where the game starts”. Either have endgame as a separate game, or make your leveling fun.

Oleg Chebeneev

I dont even need 20 hours. One look at MMO and I already know if Im interested in it. Why waste time on something you dont enjoy from the get go?


Who *only* play 20-40 hours? That’s more than the entire single player CONTENT of some games. Exactly how much of my life (limit one per customer, no refunds, no exchanges) am I supposed to waste on something before I’m *permitted* to decide that it’s garbage and that I’m not enjoying myself? Because I need to check the EULA more closely, apparently. I don’t *remember* agreeing to give up my soul just for making a character in an MMO.

*Edit* And just to be clear – if I’m *having fun,* I’ll put up with a lot of bullshit. I play Ark. A game that is, at the best of times, buggy, unbalanced, unstable and intentionally designed to be a mind scouring grind on default settings. (The settings at least are easily fixed in single player… once you know what the settings do and what they need to be changed to so they don’t suck.) But I’m not going to slog through a hundred-plus hours of “some MMO” just to “make sure I give it a fair shot.” Doubly so because I *despise* raids and PVP – so the idea that “it gets better at the endgame” is absurd, because that’s the part I’m NEVER going to try.


It disheartens me when people only play up to 20-40hrs and declare that the game is not for them.

If a game in its first hour can’t show you why you will enjoy it, it’s doing something very wrong.

This doesn’t make it a bad game, mind; Dragon Quest 7 takes hours to get you to the first fight, for example, and is still a great game. But taking that long to even introduce the player to some of its most basic mechanics is certainly an issue.

Most of these MMO’s don’t get interesting until endgame.

I’m of the opposite opinion; for me, most MMOs become completely uninteresting at the end game, even the ones that were great before that.

Bruno Brito

Yes. WoW.

It was a complete 180 for me. I went from “i love this game to death” to “i can’t stand even looking at it”. It also made me realize that there wasn’t really a “great” WoW or anything. The game was always mediocre. It wasn’t bad, just mediocre. I took a long time to perceive that.

I’ll make this story as short as i can: I started playing on TBC, in pservers, and switched to retail with my friends for the entirety of Wrath. Been playing on and off ever since.

The first character i wanted to make was a Troll Axe Thrower. I couldn’t. Then i thought about a Demon Hunter. I also couldn’t. No Blademasters, no Wardens, no Death Knights, no Knights, no Mortars, no Liches, no Dreadlord-like classes. Everything i wanted to play from my War3 days was not possible. The way WoW did class-design was not in cohesion with War3. It was lacking.

That being said, i enjoyed my time greatly on Wrath, had a lot of fun with my friends. Sadly, as i got older, i wanted to do other stuff that didn’t involve raiding. Yet, the game itself kept doubling down on it. Nowadays i wanna craft, i wanna do housing, hunt around the world, collect transmogs and tailor my character to my needs, and the game supports nothing of these on reasonable levels for me.

I wouldn’t really care WoW being a mediocre game if it was just another game. I never been able to accept it because it’s Blizzard. Such a company having so many failures with their golden goose under their belt is unacceptable to me, and i loathe both the game and the company to this day.

PS: This is not an invitation for anyone to try to armchair psychiatry me into letting it go. Loathing WoW doesn’t bother me, nor does it impair my ability for anything. I’m perfectly fine accepting that i despise what this game has become, and finding that even it’s beginnings were not worth much to me.


On the other hand: LoTRO was a game that i despised because of the monetization, and now, even being a F2Player ( got the quest pack code they gave away last year ) i can’t stop playing. The ambientation of this game feels extremely good and it’s just a joy to take your time and not rushing it. It’s a WoW clone that does everything besides class design better than WoW.


I’d walked away from GW2 a long time ago, pre HoT as there just wasn’t much to do. Their heart-quest things and the popup events just felt like chores. I didn’t feel the compelling need to jump on the interminable-grind-treadmill for legendaries of the time.

Now, with mounts, and a fair amount of revision to their play-style paradigm, I’m enjoying it quite a bit.

Dug From The Earth

There are plenty ive tried super hard TO change my mind about, but it never ends up being successful. EvE and FF14 come to mind. Ive gone back no less than 3 times to give these games a go, and always end up walking away after trying.

Oleg Chebeneev

Probably Age of Wushu. It didnt impress me in the first few hours. But then I realised it was one of the coolest and the most unique MMOs out there.


I hated ESO until I learned the secret of keybinding, wasn’t a big fan of Classic WoW until the new races were added with their toned down zones and decent rewards.