The Wagadu Chronicles recaps progress on biomes, UI, and tabletop RPG


Have you been keeping up with what’s happening in The Wagadu Chronicles’ development? No? Well that’s OK because the devs at Twin Drums have put together a helpful Twitter thread and an update blog on Kickstarter that summarize the moves made in the studio and the game over the course of this past May.

In terms of game development, there have been previews of the game’s biomes as well as its day/night cycle, progress on cinematic and dialogue UI, some modeling of character body types, more character concept art for the Ikaki lineage, and creation of new savanna trees and materials. The studio also hired a new artist, outlined a new culture for the game’s tabletop version, and provided a spotlight to Into the Motherlands, an afrofuturistic tabletop RPG that hit its crowdfunding goal within the first 90 minutes of its campaign.

Whether you prefer to get your synopsis on social media or via website, the devs have you covered.

source: Twitter

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