Black Desert announces the upcoming co-op dungeon Atoraxxion

Well, that's a thing.

It’s time to team up in Black Desert this summer. Players on both PC and console will be able to take part in exploring the game’s new co-op dungeon, Atoraxxion. It’s a dungeon nearly the size of a whole new region of the game, complete with puzzles to be solved, ancient weapons to be fought, and dangers to be braved in order to unlock both the secrets and rewards of the location. You can even get a tease of what it’s bringing along with it in two new videos, one previewing the upcoming update and the other taking a quick developer walkthrough of the dungeon.

Speaking of updates, of course, today is the usual update day for the game and it brings with it a new Barrier of Infestation challenge for players to take on. There’s also a new event for players who were among the last batch to transfer over account data to Pearl Abyss, a process which has concluded as of May 31st. Hopefully you got that done!

Source: Press release, Official Site (1, 2, 3)

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Intriguing looks look it could be fun. I actually really enjoy the Sand Park elements of this game as well. It would probably be my favorite MMO If I didnt have to leave my computer on all night to passively work nodes lowering the life time of my components. You technically don’t need to grind at all to advance your gear but the alternative of leaving the comp working 24/7 is just as egregious.