Book of Travels shares a preview of its tiny Omin spirits


The entire idea of Book of Travels is roaming a wide world, which would certainly leave some to look at wide vistas and potentially large dangers, but the latest Kickstarter dev blog invites players to think small as it previews the tiny spirits known as Omin.

These little spirit beings take their inspiration from a variety of sources such as similarly styled little creatures from the Moomins TV series, Studio Ghibli films, and Swedish Oknytt folk creatures. The post offers a variety of production sketches of these Omin as well as some introductions to a few that are apparently more fleshed out; some Omin like to wear leaves as dresses, while others guide lost forest visitors. There’s also one that is described as a “proud emissary of the Deep Land Spiders.” So that sounds like fun.

As for when these Omin will arrive, some will be available when the tiny multiplayer online game enters early access sometime in late summer, most will be available in the game’s Chapter One release, and still others may not make it out of the concept phase. For now, you can get a look at said concept phase and wonder what would possess a spirit to want to drink oil and eat rust.

source: Kickstarter

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